Pros and cons of e-cigarettes

What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are devices that contain a battery and an atomizer which replicates a cigarette. liquid called (E Juice) is added to the tank which contains the atomizer and combusted via inhaling and pressing the battery button. As with any device though there are pros and cons of e-cigarettes.

Most of them are a look-alike of real cigarettes. The battery heats up the nicotine when you puff in from one end of the cigarette and the vapour that comes out is directly inhaled into the lungs.

electric cigarettes

So you feel the sensation of smoke in your mouth without actually smoking.

Health experts are of the opinion that the intake of tobacco should be decreased to prevent diseases but they differ whether e cigarettes make the matter better or worse.

Before starting I asked myself, what are the ups and downs to smoking electronic cigarettes. Here is what I cam up with.

Pros and cons of e-cigarettes

What are the upsides

  • A study was made with 40 odd smokers of tobacco and was found that when you smoke an e-cigarette, the desire to smoke a real cigarette goes down.
  • A different study with smokers who genuinely wanted to quit but not completely, afraid of the withdrawal symptoms, was happy with smoking the Eclipse brand of e-cigarettes. But Eclipse increased the carbon-monoxide in the blood, so even if it’s not the best choice the adverse effects are definitely few.
  • Many smokers have confided that a lot of professional quit smoking methods have failed but ever since they have tried e-cigarettes, abstinence from smoking for six months has been possible.
  • In an online survey most participants confirmed that e cigarettes do help in controlling cravings, adjusting to withdrawal symptoms and avoiding returning back to smoking.
  • Some supporters do believe that like nicotine gum, e-cigarettes could help you to quit smoking gradually.
  • But when you are a savvy consumer you will look at the flipside too to scrutinize the other side of the coin. And the e cigarette is no exception.

The downside:

  • The e–cigarettes do not carry the statutory warnings and other regulatory factors, instructions on usage and safety disposal. A study found that leakage of the cartridge caused toxic being exposed to nicotine.
  • One study showed that smoking an e cigarette can have pulmonary effects but the clinical effects are still not known.
    E-cigarettes also might contain ingredients toxic to human beings and few other unsafe things too. Since its not mandatory for the manufacturers to submit clinical study data to, the general public are unaware of the potentially active chemicals found in them or the percentage of nicotine getting inhaled.
  • A genuine concern could be that with the popularity of e-cigarettes, addiction to nicotine might increase and then they might get encouraged to try out real tobacco products, especially youngsters.

Should I Use An Electronic Cigarette?

Smoking is definitely not a good habit and the earlier you quit the better it is for your health. The best method varies across people as per suitability. There are numerous anti-smoking aids, medications like Clonidine and Wellbutrin, support groups and online support materials. One can try e-cigarettes as an alternate, but you should do your homework like consulting the doctor, identifying the pros and cons and the safety issues and then choosing what is best.
Siegel compares exchanging tobacco with e-cigarettes to heroin users with the painkiller methadone. Safer, comparatively, but with it’s own risks.

Some Great Sub Ohm Vids.

Sub ohm vaping is something I am really into right now. I learnt a lot from these YouTube videos. I love vaping at higher wattage. I find the flavour of my e juice is so much more pronounced.